South Korean company "KYUNG DONG NAVIEN", under the brand "NAVIEN" presents DELUXE series gas-fired dual-chamber closed-wall combustion chamber boilers with innovative turbojet system, remote control pulley and stainless steel primary heat exchanger "KONG". , Quality of performance, multi-tasking Leann experience and the quality and price of the proper ratio for many years as a leading position in the CIS countries as well as other markets.

DELUXE series consists of boilers with power of 13, 16, 20, 24, 30, 35 and 40 kW

These boilers work without any problems in all climates; They are not afraid of low pressure gas and water and can easily handle voltage fluctuations.

Heating boilers "NAVIENDELUXE" are equipped with a boiler and automatic system of protection against freezing of water: as soon as the temperature of the water heater falls to + 10 ° C, a circulating pump starts and ensures constant circulation of water; And if the heater water temperature drops to + 6 ° C, the boiler burner automatically switches on and ensures that the heater water temperature rises to + 21 ° C.

The boiler works safely and steadily even during frequent and significant voltage fluctuations in the power supply

The boiler power supply microprocessor is fitted with a protective chip SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply), which activates the power supply at ± 30% voltage change and ensures smooth boiler operation. As a result, the email is reduced to a minimum. Sudden switch-on / off of the boiler due to voltage changes in the network, which in turn protects the boiler from damage and prolongs the boiler operation period

Heating and hot water can be used at low gas pressure:

The boiler operates steadily and safely even when the gas pressure drop is below 4 MB (40 mm water column).

Hot water can be used in case of low cold water pressure:

The boiler works steadily in the cold water supply system by lowering the water pressure to 0.1 bar. For this reason, it can also be used in buildings with low water pressure or varying water pressure.image-navien.jpg

For the first time in Georgia and only from 'NAVIEN'! Boilers included with remote control panel with room thermostat:

Remote control not only enables us to save energy and thus reduce heating costs, but also helps us to maintain a comfortable room temperature and maintain optimal hot water regime. The remote control panel can be installed in a convenient location away from the boiler, while the boiler can be installed in a location where it is often inconvenient to access it. E.g. The boiler may be mounted on the balcony, and the control panel in the kitchen or any other storage area. Consequently you will not have to go on the balcony to change the boiler operation settings, which is quite uncomfortable especially in winter.




Also for the first time in the wall boilers of the "NAVIEN" stamp you can find a gas-and-air mixer modulating turbocharger system with an innovative layout - below the combustion chamber's original heat exchanger!cover11.jpg

In the NAVIEN boilers, the turbocharger fan is located below the combustion chamber and the primary heat exchanger. The fan rotation speed varies according to the signal received from the APS (Air Pressure System). As a result, the combustion chamber provides the boiler with the amount of air required for complete combustion of the incoming gas, and the gas combustion process becomes more efficient. It is this system of combustion that ensures maximum combustion of gas and minimizes the heat loss associated with smoke extraction. All of this has increased boiler efficiency, and although NAVIEN boilers use stainless steel primary heaters, these boilers have the same performance as traditional boilers with primary copper heaters.

Also on the wall boilers of the "NAVIEN" stamp can be seen for the first time stainless steel primary heaters:

It is known that stainless steel heat exchangers are 5-6 times more resistant to corrosion than copper heat exchangers, but nonetheless, stainless steel heat exchangers are not used in boilers, since the heat transfer coefficient of stainless steel is less than copper. The use of stainless steel heat exchangers has become technologically justifiable and effective as a result of the introduction of the innovative NAVIEN boilers in the turbodiesel system. Thus the company "NAVIEN" - it's innovative approach has led to the fact that the result was such a system, whose primary Heat exchangers made of stainless steel, and in spite of this, the efficiency factor is the same as copper tbomtsvleliani boilers and at the same time of their life expectancy is much greater than copper tbomtsvleliani boilers lives of Lee's duration.Additional comfort is achieved through a temperature sensor mounted on the back of the heating circuit:

Most boilers do not have a touchscreen sensor on the back of the heating circuit, making gas consumption relatively inefficient and consequently reducing the life of the heat exchanger. The NAVIEN boilers turn on the heating circuit nozzle with a water temperature sensor which reduces the number of boiler switches and consequently reduces gas consumption and increases the life of the boiler and the boiler as a whole.

Silent work:

The noise level emitted by NAVIEN boilers is only 40 dB at 20 cm from the boiler, and already within 2 meters - 20 dB. And 30-45pm at night (23-7pm) and do you also know what the noise level of whispering leaves is? 20 dB! So it can be said that the boilers of NAVIEN "whisper" while working

Solid Warranty Period:

Warranty on main details (heat exchanger and combustion camera) 10 years on other details 4 years

Guaranteed follow-up service:

Any spare part is available from Tbilisi Warehouse at very low prices.

Long life span

With proper operation and maintenance, the NAVIEN boilers' technical and quality performance guarantees a 15-year warranty.

The company “KYUNG DONG NAVIEN” has received the following certificates:


1997 - Certificate of Quality of the Russian Federation

1998 - EU sign on liquid fuel boilers2.png

1999 - Turkish Standard Certificate3.png

1999 - Brazilian Quality Certificate 4.png

2004 - Japanese Quality Certificate 5.png

2004 - EU sign on gas boilers 6.png

2005 - EU sign on condensing boilers7.png

2008 - Canadian Standard Certificate on Gas Water Heater8.png

2009 - Belarusian Standard Certificate 9.png

2010 - American Society of Mechanical Engineers Certification for Condensed Water Heaters 10.png

2010 - American Society of Mechanical Engineers Certification for Condensing Boilers11.png 

2010 - Dutch Quality Certificate 12.png

2010 - UK Certificate of Quality for Gas Condensing Boilers 13.png

2010 - Russian Quality Certificate on Gas Condensing Boilers14.png

2010 - UK Certificate of Drinking Water 15.png

კომპანია „თერმოკომი“-კომპანიაKYUNG DONG NAVIEN”-ის ექსკლუზიური წარმომადგენელი საქართველოში  ტელ:  +995 225 21 01; +995595 55 33 12

მოდელი 24K
ნომ.თბოგამოყოფა 9-24 კვ
გაზ.დანახარჯი Q  (MIN) 0.95 მ3/საათი
გაზ.დანახარჯი Q (MAX) 2.58 მ3/საათი
ზომები 69.5 X 44 X 26.5
მქკ ნიმ.სიმძლავრე 90.50%
ტემპ.რეგ.დიაპაზონი 40-80
წყლის დანახარჯი  13.8 ლ/წუთში
წნევა წყ. მომარაგებ. 0.6 ბარი
დაცვის დონე  IP 40
გარანტია 4 წელი

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